How To Stay Calm During A Divorce Mediation?

How To Stay Calm During A Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a crucial step in the separation process that allows couples to negotiate the terms of their divorce in a less adversarial setting than a courtroom. However, it can still be emotionally challenging. Staying calm during mediation is vital to reaching a fair and amicable resolution. At Wobber Law Group, we understand the complexities of divorce and the importance of maintaining composure throughout mediation sessions. This guide provides practical strategies to help you stay calm and focused during divorce mediation, ensuring a smoother and more productive experience.

Answering The Question: How To Stay Calm During A Divorce Mediation?

Manage Your Emotions

Divorce mediation often brings up strong emotions, and it’s essential to manage these feelings effectively. Here are some strategies to help you keep your emotions in check:

  • Anticipate Triggers: Before the mediation session, identify potential triggers that might upset you. By knowing what could set you off, you can plan how to handle these situations calmly. Think about topics or statements that your ex-spouse might bring up and develop strategies for responding constructively.
  • Exercise Patience: Understand that mediation is a process that requires patience from both parties. Remind yourself that the goal is to find a mutually agreeable solution. Keeping a patient mindset will help you stay calm and focused, knowing that not all issues will be resolved immediately.
  • Stay Objective: Avoid taking things personally. Focus on the issues at hand and how to resolve them rather than dwelling on past conflicts or personal grievances. This objective approach will help keep the mediation productive and forward-moving.
  • Breathe: If you find yourself becoming agitated, take several long, deep breaths to calm your mind and lower your heart rate. Deep breathing can help refocus your thoughts and maintain a sense of calm during tense moments.

Use Flexible Thinking

Flexible thinking is crucial for successful mediation. Being rigid in your approach can lead to deadlocks and increased conflict. Here’s how to cultivate flexible thinking:

  • Consider All Solutions: Enter mediation with an open mind. Be willing to evaluate proposals offered by your ex-spouse objectively. If a suggestion isn’t agreeable, calmly explain why and propose alternative solutions.
  • Prepare Alternatives: Come to the mediation with multiple solutions in mind. This preparation shows your willingness to negotiate and can help facilitate a smoother process. Having several options ready can demonstrate to the mediator and your ex-spouse that you are serious about reaching a resolution.
  • Back-Up Proposals with Objectivity: Support your proposals with logical and objective reasons rather than emotional ones. This approach will make your arguments more persuasive and help maintain a calm atmosphere.

Moderate Your Behavior

Your behavior during mediation significantly impacts its success. Here are ways to moderate your actions and reactions:

  • Listen Actively: Pay close attention when your ex-spouse is speaking. Avoid interrupting and take notes to remember important points. Active listening shows respect and helps you understand their perspective. By truly listening, you may find common ground or new solutions that you hadn’t considered before.
  • Show Respect: Insulting your ex-spouse or displaying negative body language can escalate tensions. Instead, be polite, kind, and respectful to everyone involved. This respectful demeanor can help create a more positive and productive environment. Remember, how you behave in mediation can set the tone for the entire process.
  • Use “I Statements”: Frame your statements in a way that focuses on your feelings and needs rather than placing blame. For example, say “I feel” or “I need” instead of “You always” or “You never.” This approach can reduce defensiveness and foster more constructive dialogue.
  • Take a Break if Necessary: If you feel overwhelmed, it’s okay to request a short break. Stepping away for a few minutes can help you regain your composure and return to the mediation with a clearer mind. Avoid getting worked up to the point of walking out; instead, know when you’re nearing your limit and request a recess.

Check Yourself

Keeping your behavior, emotions, and communication in line requires keen self-awareness. Continuously check in with yourself by paying attention to your emotional state throughout the mediation. Ensure that you are using the skills you’ve learned and practiced. If you notice yourself getting agitated or veering off course, take a moment to pause and reset.


Practicing various scenarios with role-play is an effective way to prepare yourself for the mediation. Ask a trusted friend or professional to play your ex while you practice the skills needed to stay calm and focused. The more you practice, the easier it will be to rely on the necessary skills during the actual mediation.

  • Practice Multiple Scenarios: Go through several scenarios to ensure you’ll be able to handle all potential issues that might come up during negotiation. Remind yourself to remain as civil and objective as possible, keeping your emotions out of it to reach the best possible conclusion for everyone involved.
  • Use Feedback Constructively: After role-playing, ask for feedback on your responses and behavior. Constructive feedback can help you identify areas for improvement and build confidence in your ability to stay calm during mediation.

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