General Practice

General Practice

The attorneys at Wobber Law Group practice in a wide range of general law areas, including appellate law, business law, and personal injury. Please select one of the practice areas below for more information about our general law services, or contact us to set up an appointment with one of our attorneys today.

Appellate Law

Appellate law is the process by which a party appeals a judgment to a higher court. It requires a different focus and skill set than trial practice. At the trial level, the law is applied to the facts of a case to determine the correct outcome. The emphasis is one proving those facts. At the appellate level, it’s not about the facts of the case – those have been established at the trial. Instead, it’s about whether the law was correctly applied to those facts by the lower court. 

Wobber Law Group appellate practice attorneys are equipped to provide persuasive appellate strategies for our clients. The firm’s clients can expect a level of written scholarship and oral advocacy specifically directed to their issues of which the courts will take notice. We will take steps to protect the record on a client’s behalf, including preparing post-verdict motions, researching, analyzing, and writing persuasive appellate briefs and presenting effective oral arguments.

Business Law

Wobber Law Group understands the challenges business owners face. During the start of a business venture, and during the course of your business life, you may face the “challenging D’s” – death, divorce, drugs, disinterest, default, debt, disability, and dissolution.

Over the course of two decades, we have established positive professional relationships with leading industry experts throughout the Baltimore-DC Corridor. Working with financial and estate planning partners when necessary, we can help to craft practical, constructive solutions which allow you to distance yourself from lawyers and get back to business.

While our expertise covers an array of business matters, the following list provides an insight into some of our more common business practice areas:

  • Contracts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Dissolution
  • Tax
  • Compliance
  • Structuring and Formation
  • Employment

Personal Injury 

Wobber Law Group understands there is nothing worse than suffering an injury to yourself or a loved one. In light of mounting medical bills, lost wages, interactions with law enforcement or medical providers, you can find yourself overwhelmed and feeling as though you are drowning. Let us provide a lifeline to you during this time. 

Our team of experienced paralegals will take on the burden of gathering documents while our attorneys deal with the insurance companies on your behalf, enabling you to focus on the most important thing — your recovery and getting back on your feet. 

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