Child Support

Child Support

Child support must be addressed in every case involving a minor child. The state of Maryland has very specific laws governing child support, and even if both parents agree to deviate from those laws, it must be properly documented and approved by the courts, or else it could be overturned later.

Of course, you want to ensure that your children are well-cared for. However, nobody wants to be taken advantage of. As a result, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced and dedicated child support lawyer to help you determine what is fair and appropriate child support in your situation.

A dispute over money can strain and disrupt an otherwise peaceful and agreeable divorce, even if the negotiations have been amicable and friendly up to this point. To get the seasoned and effective legal representation you need and want, contact Wobber Law Group today. We’ll give you a voice in the fight for your child’s fair support.

Why Work With A Child Support Lawyer?

Maryland law calculates a basic child support amount based on the combined gross income of both parents and dividing those costs between the parents based on their percentage of the overall income. Whether the parties have a primary or shared physical custody arrangement is also taken into account. It’s best to seek legal advice from a child support attorney to help with fair and equitable calculation of child support.

In many cases, divorced or separated parents have reservations about how much child support they pay, with one party feeling like they are obligated to an inequitable financial share of the child support obligation. To prevent this from happening, a child support attorney can draft legal agreements that are fair and reasonable for both parents while still providing adequate support for the child. A child support lawyer can help you in three specific areas.

1. Family Law and Filing

Calculating child support under Maryland’s guidelines is a time-consuming and complicated process. The laws that surround it are highly technical and an extensive trail of documentation can be required. A parent going through the process of calculating child support alone, with little to no knowledge of the legalities involved, can be disastrous, not only for themselves, but also for their child.

As a result, a child support attorney is essential for ensuring the proper order and organization of document gathering and exchange, support calculation, and filing with the court. With an attorney, you won’t be caught off guard by technicalities in the process that you weren’t aware of. An attorney who specializes in child support issues can help you avoid these issues.

2. Courtroom Procedures

In addition to ensuring that the legal process is followed, your lawyers will be your voice in the courtroom. They are familiar with these proceedings and will be able to confidently push your case forward and present your side in the best light possible.

They can also defend you against anything the opposing party throws at you in court. It is vitally important that you have someone familiar with the process by your side who knows what to look for, how to acquire the information you needt, and how to argue for the best result. 

3. Setting Up Child Support

Setting up child support isn’t just a matter of you and the other parent agreeing to put money aside for your child. It’s about achieving equity between the two of you and your commitment to the agreement from here on out.

Financial situations are always in flux. Parents want to avoid overpayments and underpayments. And you won’t want to be legally bound to a payment plan that is far from reasonable and favors one party over the other or fails to adequately provide for your child.

As a result, a professional in the field is the ideal person to handle the situation in an open, neutral, and legal manner. At the same time, they are seasoned negotiators who will ensure that your child’s best interests are protected.

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