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If you have domestic or business dispute, many clients choose mediation because it is less expensive and less adversarial than a traditional, litigated dispute. In family law matters, mediation has been shown to have more positive outcomes for the children of divorce. Divorce mediation helps you and your spouse make these important decisions together. Mediation is oriented toward problem-solving, rather than finding fault. Joy’s role as a mediator is to help you identify and address your important interests and concerns.

What are the advantages of mediation?

By utilizing mediation, our clients are able to avoid court. Mediation is:

  • Flexible—mediation can address and entire dispute or just one issue.
  • Private—mediation is conducted in the privacy of a conference room and maintains the client’s dignity and privacy.
  • Economical—utilizing mediation, clients are able to speak directly with each other, with the assistance of a mediator. Parties can reach settlement outside of the court.
  • Neutral—a mediator is an unbiased professional who assists a couple in reaching an agreement which is mutually agreeable.
  • Self-Directed—Mediation allows a couple to create unique solutions instead of allowing a judge to make decisions for the family.
  • Custom-Tailored—Mediation allows clients to take into account their family values, needs, and goals.

What happens in Family Law Mediation?

Before the first session, each spouse fills out a confidential questionnaire (which is not disclosed to the other spouse) which assists the mediator in narrowing down the issues to be mediated. We start by reviewing the client’s goals and further narrowing the issues for resolution. We generally discuss the law on child access and child support, marital property, and alimony. We ensure that each spouse is prepared to address issues by ensuring that documents are exchanged and full information is provided before we negotiate the issues.

Although Family Law Mediation can be an emotional process, we approach the mediation in a business-like fashion which provides an agenda for each meeting. When spouses attend a mediation meeting with Wobber Law Group, they are prepared to discuss the issues at hand and have participated in crafting the agenda for that session. After each session, minutes are generated, to ensure that we do not rehash any issues which have already been resolved and to keep the pace of the mediation moving forward. Issues are addressed in the order set by the participants, with the most urgent issues being addressed first. The participants may have “mini-agreements” which enable them to move forward with their lives while working through the mediation.

Once an agreement has been reached, the mediator will draft either a Marital Settlement Agreement (if the parties do not have their own attorneys), or will provide a list of items which have been agreed to, enabling the party’s attorneys to draft a Marital Settlement Agreement. Once mediation is completed, the spouses may decide to wait before filing for divorce, or may file an immediate, uncontested divorce.

The entire mediation is a cooperative process and nothing is decided unless both parties have agreed. Mediation is confidential and although signed agreements are enforceable, nothing said in mediation may be used in court.

Family Law Mediation

Divorce – Leaves spouses feeling helpless, powerless and scared. Mediation is a proven way to help gain control of your life.

Kathleen Wobber’s years of experience as an advocate in tort litigation matters enables her to add significate value when parties turn to alternative dispute resolution to resolve their cases.

ADR/Neutral Services:

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Early Neutral Evaluation
  • Strategy Consulting for the resolution of conflict disputes

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